Our corporate management is a backbone of our business

About our standards

Founded in Montevideo, Uruguay, we stay in the heart of the IT industry of the South America!

It is easy to become our customer or partner! To do it, please, look through our corporate policies and document drafts below and contact as at any time convenient for you!


Customer policy

In accordance with an international practices we have some requirements to sign contracts with our customers.


AML & KYC policy

We protect business and capitals transparency and we comply with all norms of the international rules of AML and KYC.


Contract and form to fill in drafts

In accordance with our internal policies we ask our customers to use authorized corporate forms only, that you can access here.

In accordance with an Uruguayan low we offer our products in Uruguay in the part of 25% of our total sales only. Please, contact us before to check the possibility to work with us in the territory of Uruguay.