To work with us


To become our customer, please, prepare the next documents, signed by your officials:


1 signed copy

Company By-Lows or the Social contract. Passport copy if you are self-employed.

Customer Registration

1 signed copy

Contains the principal information about your company.


2 signed copies

2 copies of the contract signed from the side of your company.

Power of Attorney

1 original

In the case if the other person signs an agreement with us.

Shareholders Declaration

1 signed copy

Contains principal information about the shareholders of your company.

Be prepared

Signed copies

to present us on our demand the documents noted below.


1 signed copy

Balance Sheet (for the last year), signed by a Public Accountant.

Funds Origin Declaration

1 signed copy

Your confirmation of the funds transparency to work with us.

Need a help?

Contact us

Contact us at any time convenient for you.

Note: Act of Assembly of designation of authorities, Board Minutes of the executives appointments and Tax, Provisional Declarations (with last payments) and Detail of post-balance sheet sales can be solicited by our company additionally, depending on the pre-Check results.