To accept payments by card, crypto currencies or other methods of payments is easy, using our platform and it integration possibilities.


We provide all necessary functions for the Merchant to accept payments.

Merchant service creation

You can work with several shops using one merchant account and one merchant payment balance!

With our interface it’s easy to create you first merchant account, add merchant services, to install payment buttons on your site.


If you PCI DSS certified you can integrate your system to our platform using our API!

The API developed to integrate the merchant server with a card number stored with it.

Transactions management and reporting

You can control your payments on-line, process refunds and block transactions!

The reports and statistics interface will help you to be informed about your day2day activity and control your payment balance.

Light API

If you don’t have your own PCI DSS certification don’t worry! We’ll offer you the option most convenient for you, following the international security requirements.

The Light API developed to integrate the merchant server without a card data storage.

Refunds and holds management

You have on-line access to the Banking processing to request changes on transactions!

Using transactions management toolkit you can work with refunds and holds.

Host-To-Host API

If you have your own e-commerce platform and don’t have the direct connection probability to the payment systems we can help you!

Using our host-to-host API you can integrate your own solution quickly and absolutely free. We’ll provide you the necessary tool-kits and offer the option most convenient for your business.