We provide stand-alone e-commerce processing solution for Banks and Financial institutions to process internet-acquiring, m-commerce, p2p, e-money and crypto currencies payments.


The full integrated platform of the modern e-commerce solution

M1 Front-End

E-commerce Front-End

Developed to maintain on-line jobs of the transactions management, integrations with international payment systems and other processing hosts. It includes MPI solution for the 3D processing, necessary tool-kits to work with agents and a fraud-prevention system.

M1 Back-Office

E-commerce Back-Office

Is an administration platform to maintain on-line processes of the acquirer and registration of merchants, their services, to support customers and to process the merchants requests on transactions. By using this platform you can work composing your own reports and diagrams, export data into the external systems.

M1 Merchant

E-commerce Merchant profile

Is a customizing merchant interface to manage it activity, to work with transactions, refunds and holds, to stay on-line with a Bank or it IPSP 24/7/365. Though the interface merchant can create it services, payment buttons, choose and setup necessary payment options.