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Our e-commerce solution is developed both for banks/ payment gateways and merchants and consists of the number of integrated products and is presented by our e-commerce platform R1.

Internet-acquiring processing

You can accept MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, Dinners Club, Discover, and worldwide products of other international payment systems!

The processing of the internet-acquiring transactions of internet-merchants.

Bills payments processing

If you are bills payments provider you can use our platform to accept payments for the bills and taxes!

Processing of the taxes and utilities payments.

p2p payments processing

You can provide to your customers to charge your MasterCard or VISA card from the other one or to make a payment to other card on-line!

Processing of the Card-To-Card transactions, supporting debit and credit card operations.

E-money acceptance

If your customers want to pay with Pay Pall do not loose the opportunity to sell your goods and services for it!

Integrations with PayPal and other leading worldwide e-payment operators.

m-commerce processing

Use the opportunity to sell your goods and services via celular of your customer using it mobile account balance!

Processing of the mobile phone payments.

Cryptocurrencies support

If your customer has Bitcoin, Ethereum or other crypto currency – offer to accept it using our platform!

Processing of the cryptocurrencies acquiring of the most known vendors: Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

R1 was developed as an independent platform inside of the Sequoia Mosaic 3000 [SM3000] cards authorization processing platform for TPP/MSP, banks and fin-tech companies, and can be integrated directly with a third parties processing center applications, like a SM3000, Compas+, Base24, Way4, CyberSpace and other worldwide vendors’ products.

The platform can be implemented with your physical equipment or using the AWS AMAZON and the PCI DSS certified cloud based solutions. It can be sold as a software application or used as SaaS (Software as a Service).

M1 platform is a white label product of the Sequoia Mosaic 3000 [SM3000] of the ALFEBA Processing solutions [StreamPay S.A.]